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On the Radio

Monday, June 24th, 2013

When I was a lot younger, CBC had a television show called “Street Legal”.  One of the main characters was a lawyer named Leon Rabinovitch played by Eric Peterson.  I won’t say that Street Legal caused me to become a lawyer, but it certainly helped to maintain my choice in career path.  In one episode Leon was interviewed on CBC Radio by the late Peter Gzowski who was the on-air personality for many years for CBC’s Morningside program.  I remember thinking at the time about how cool that would be if I could someday be interviewed as a lawyer talking about legal affairs.  Well, fast forward the better part of 30 years later, change CBC’s Morningside to CBC’s Metro Morning, change Peter Gzowski to Jane Hawtin and change Leon Rabinovitch to myself and there I was this morning being quickly interviewed about adverse possession.  The interview was supposed to have been 10 minutes long but it ended up only 5 minutes – not a big surprise given the events happening with the flooding in Calgary and Southern Alberta.  Not only was it cool, but it was fun.

If you click on this LINK you will be taken to the audio archive on the CBC’s web site that has the interview.  For those of you who have followed this blog and do not know me or haven’t met me, well, now you can put a voice to my writings.  I bet you it doesn’t sound anything like you thought it might sound ;-)