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New Small Business Resource

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

The National Post last Monday commenced the publication of a weekly focus on small business.  I was pleased and interested to see the first issue last week and it was not bad.  The second issue came out today and, not surprisingly, the content is much smaller.  There is a series of articles starting today to deal with succession planning for small businesses that will run for the next seven weeks.  So, we’re guaranteed that the small business section will go on for at least that long.  The big question is how long after that will it continue?

Don’t get me wrong, I hope that the National Post’s project goes on indefinitely.  I question, though, whether there is enough content to keep it going.  For example, Enterprise Magazine (formerly known as Small Business Canada Magazine) only publishes five times per year.  Similarly, SOHO is published quarterly.  It makes one wonder if there will be sufficient (and sufficiently good) content to keep a weekly section running.  I hope so.  Of course, if the editors want to ensure that have lots of content (some of it of even passably decent value), then they can always call me ;-)

With the launch of the new section, the National Post has also devoted a new page to small business and it can be found at: 

A quick review of the site looked promising, so it’s probably something worthwhile spending a few minutes perusing when you get a chance.